Innovations in Design Solutions in 2015

Innovations in Design Solutions in 2015

Specialists of FSUE “Aeroproject” applied a number of innovative solutions, technologies and materials when developing project and working documentation for construction and reconstruction of airport systems in 2015.

Simferopol and Yuzhny (Rostov-on-Don) Airports

When reconstructing the airport systems of Simferopol and Uzhny (Rostov-on-Don) a new cable ductwork for low-voltage lighting equipment that save the pavements of the runways and taxiways due to the absence of tie ridge.

Also the project provides for an aerodrome lights control system which allows of managing taxi routes that leads to electricity saving and improves the safe of aircraft and vehicle taxi by excluding of conflict situations at the intersections of taxiways.

The control tower construction project in Simferopol Airport includes the use of up-to-date construction materials and design solutions:

· PVC-membranes lighten a facade maximally that is important for earthquake-resistant constructions and provides perfect geometry of the main building volume. Their teflon coating ensures water- and dirtrepellent features of the façade. The lifetime of such membrane is 30 years.


Roofing PVC-Membrane

· Cellular glass is a non-combustible, water- and steamproof, long-live heat insulation suitable for all building structures. The characteristics of cellular glass remain constant during all operational lifetime.

· “Greened Roof” has longer lifetime than a roof made with bitumen and polymeric materials. The roof waterproofing layer is protected against temperature fluctuation that slows down the decay considerably

· Panels of natural non-combustible composite material can easily be transformed into any shape needed for modulating of a facade.

Композитные панели.jpg

Aluminium Composite Panels

Anapa Airport

According to the new terminal construction project in Anapa Airport the new LED-lamps for interior and exterior illumination will be installed in the terminal which will enable to provide for saving power consumption and long life time in comparison with lamp types.

Domodedovo Airport

When reconstructing the aerodrome in Domodedovo Airport it was arranged an underpass under Runway 2 and High Speed Taxiway-S by the method of horizontal drilling for the installation of utilities of 300 m. The underpass was arranged without stopping of the aircraft movement and with keeping of the runway pavements.

Принцип прокладки под ВПП.jpg

Cable Routing under Runway

Sheremetyevo Airport

The waste facilities reconstruction project in Sheremetyevo Airport provides for the installation of high-efficient oily waste water equipment: ABANAKI oily skimmer (removes waste water from heavy and viscous oil products); ROW proximity oil products sensors which find out oil products leakage at early stages and prevent the environmental disaster threat. The sensors operate by the principle of alarm upon detection the least quantity of oil products on the water surface.

Принцип работы скиммера.jpg

Skimmer Mode

The cargo complex in Sheremetyevo Airport is the only one in Russia in the variety of cargo parameters and process equipment. This allows JSC “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” to become the largest and most technically equipped company of this kind as the equipment for machine handling of containers for all types of transport: sea, railway, motor and air.

Оборудование для контейнеров.jpg

Modern Transport Vehicles, Lifts and Loaders

Other Airports

When reconstructing landing and traffic control facilities and on the aerodromes in airports of Volgograd, Domodedovo, Simferopol and Yuzhny (Rostov-on-Don) a new type of instrumental landing system ILS 2700 was designed that allows to position an aircraft relatively to the set approach line upon the and approach and instrumental landing.


Instrument Landing System ILS 2700