Patents and Utility Models

When designing airport complex objects FSUE “Aeroproject” uses 5 patents:

1. Reconstruction Method of Airfield Runways.
The Aeroproject’s invention enables to: ­reduce the distance and taxiing time of aircraft take-off by means of minimization of the distance between the runway threshold and the apron entering point; ­reduce the distance and taxiing time of aircraft landed from the runway threshold to the apron entering point; ­keep the minimum taxiing distances under the landing-take-off directions change; ­reduce the runway occupancy time and total taxiing time by means of the aircraft running out from the connecting taxiway with one 90о turn; ­situate deicing pads in the nearest area to the starting point.

2. Air Traffic Control Tower.

The traffic control tower is situated in the separate building with a height of 57 m (with the locator). The control room is situated at a height of 45 m from the earth.
Original construction of glass units with anti-reflective heat-saving tinted glasses is chosen for the watchtower windows to protect from the redundant insolation and condensate. The watchtower windows provide reducing the electromagnetic radiation level to the norm (25 microW/cm2).
The height of panoramic windows and location of control rooms are determined by means of spatial digital modeling due to ensuring visibility on all levels of operational officer’s eyes providing permissible minimization of the landing area view and optimal visibility of the maneuvering area.

3. Estimation Method of Operating Runway Pavements Life
Estimation methods of artificial pavements life by multiple rolling of the special plant that imitates the aircraft wheels action exist. Such methods are used under the operating airfield conditions seldom because of their big size and long work that interrupts the runway operation.
A new method by Aeroproject enables to simplify the operating life estimation procedure thanks to application the damage pavement actual data got as a result of visual observation instead of the special plant operation.

4. Dead Metal Support for Navigation Equipment
The support is differ from such constructions with its working platform is implemented as an oval, circle or polygon with the round corners depending on sizes of the equipment to be installed.


5. Strengthening Method of Cement Concrete Pavements.
The Aeroproject’s invention enables to strengthen old cement concrete pavements without its fragmentation, and also to prevent crack starting in a new layer and to provide drainage of a new strengthening layer with condensed water removal.
All innovations developed by Institute registered in the State Register of Inventions of the Russian