Green Innovations for Kurumoch Airport

Green Innovations for Kurumoch Airport

When designing airports and objects of its infrastructure specialists of FSUE “Aeroproject” always apply advanced technologies, modern equipment and innovative design solutions directed not only to improvement of airport services but to keeping favourable environmental conditions of airfield site.

Design of a waste weir for transportation of waste water from the collector to the natural steam flow built in Kurumoch Airport (Samara) and now is used successfully, became one of these solutions.

The geological conditions of the airfield in Kurumoch Airport are characterized by collapsing soils. Contacting with water collapsing soils contenting easily soluble compounds experience significant settings. Influence of surface water run-offs courses very deep erosive processes which bring to destruction of the surface and formation of deep ravines. Destroyed surface is unfit practically for recultivation.

An innovative solution which allows to keep natural ecological balance of the airfield site and to prevent soil erosion when purified surface water is blown off to the natural steam-flow, was proposed by specialists of Aeroproject taking with due account to the geological conditions of Kurumoch Airport.

The waste weir is formed as an inclined canal with cement concrete bottom and walls. In the process the contact of water with soil surface is completely eliminates and thus development of erosion processes is prevented. Application of special current-reducers which also function as settlers is a special feature of the design. The settlers favour additional purification of run-off water.

The authors of the innovative product: Vinogradov B.A., Fedulov A.A., Petrov A.A.