Field supervision

Within the field supervision contract, experts of our Institute:

· Selectively inspect conformity of construction and installation work to working documentation and requirements of construction rules and regulations

· Fulfill random control of quality and adherence to practices for work related to maintenance of reliability, strength, stability, and durability of structures and installation of processing and engineering equipment

· Promptly decide questions on necessity of alterations in working documentation and supervise their execution

· Promote acquaintance of workers executing building and installation works and inspectors of works with design and working documentation

· Inform a customer on untimely and bad fulfillment of inspectors' instructions to take efficient measures on removal of revealed deviations from working documentation and infringements of normative document requirements

· Participate in examination and acceptance of work that will be hidden by subsequent erection of structures and on which quality reliability, functionability, and durability of design solution results depend

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