Tests of airfield pavements and structures

Tests of airfield pavements and structures

As a part of a laboratory complex of FGUP GPI and NII GA "Aeroproject", a unique laboratory bench operates for testing pavements and structures.

The following kinds of work are made on the bench:

  • Tests of pavement structures in near-estimated conditions,
  • Tests of a specified airfield pavement in 1:1 scale using loading transferred by a support or stamp to evaluate deformation and load-carrying capacity,
  • Development of a new airfield pavement structure for specified conditions or a reinforcement layer of an existing pavement with tests of a fragment of the offered structure and issue of conclusion on its actual load-carrying capacity,
  • Tests of structure samples with the use of new materials and technologies or nonstandard structures.

Methods of calculation and evaluation of pavement strength are also adjusted using the following experimental research:

  • Functionability assessment for cracked structures,
  • Assessment of interlayer and exfoliation influence on load-carrying capacity of multilayered constructions,
  • Assessment of influence of aircraft pneumatic high pressure and load running time on functionability of airfield asphaltic concrete pavements with development of new requirements to airfield asphaltic concrete.