Certification of airfields

Certification of airfields

The Institute researches operating conditions of an airfield and prepares documents in support for term of validity prolongation (obtaining) of Certificate of airfield state registration and serviceability or Certificate of an international airfield.

The work objective is to determine conformity of parameters of an airfield and its equipment to requirements of Standards of Civil Airfield Serviceability (NGEA) or Aviation Rules, Part 139, Certification of Airfields, volume II (AP-139) and possibility of airfield operating permit.

During the work, a package of documents in support is prepared including:

  • Runway take-off and landing distances available,
  • Physical characteristics and day marking of airfield elements,
  • Act of examination of obstacles in airfield area according to a catalog of obstacles presented by a Customer (in the absence thereof, experts of the Institute surveys obstacles within the near-airfield territory),
  • Strength and conditions of airfield pavement surfaces,
  • Radio equipment and control towers of airfield ATC,
  • Airfield lighting,
  • Airfield meteorological equipment,
  • Airfield power supply and electrical equipment,
  • Airfield rescue facilities,
  • Conclusions on maintenance of equivalent flight safety level (in the presence of deviations from NGEA or AP-139 requirements).