Designing of air terminal complexes

Designing of air terminal complexes

Our Institute executes complex design of ATC as a part of the following integral sections of a complex:

  • Master plan and transport,
  • Infrastructure of ramp and land site areas,
  • Calculation program of workflow and process arrangement,
  • Technology of service for physically challenged population,
  • Technology of public catering and trade,
  • Transportation and handling system for passengers' baggage (BHS),
  • Systems of visual technological information,
  • Systems of graphic information (graphic information systems),
  • Architectural solutions,
  • Design concepts,
  • Interior design,
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Water supply and draining,
  • Power supply and illumination,
  • Fire precaution measures,
  • Carrying and lifting equipment (indoor transportation facilities for passengers and personnel - lifts, escalators),
  • Low-current systems including:
    • Burglar alarm system,
    • Fire alarm system,
    • Access control system,
    • Security control system,
    • CCTV,
    • Burglar lighting system,
    • Information gathering and processing system,
    • Various communication systems,
  • Operation of building maintenance systems (BMS),
  • Passenger air bridges,
  • Inner pipelines and networks,
  • Organization of construction,
  • Environmental protection measures,
  • Civil defence and emergency prevention measures,
  • Power efficiency.

For the first time in Russia, our Institute has developed new ATC types for servicing business aviation and privileged passengers of various categories.

Last generation ATC designed by the Institute:

  • Are based on special space-and-planning solutions,
  • Use progressive technologies of passenger and luggage service,
  • Comply with air safety requirements in full,
  • Create comfortable environment for passengers,
  • Provide modern airport service enterprises,
  • Provide availability for physically challenged passengers,
  • Meet standard requirements of the Russian Federation and international organizations ICAO and IATA.