Design of airport, airfield, heliport, and helipad complexes

Design of airport, airfield, heliport, and helipad complexes

An airport complex consists of an airfield and service technical territory (STT) which includes passenger and cargo complexes, air traffic control (ATC) structures, shops of on-board meals, and hotel, fuelling, and hangar complexes.

Design of airfields:

  • Selection and substantiation of a construction site,
  • Engineering and survey work,
  • Determination of runway parameters considering received aircraft categories,
  • Selection of pavement types,
  • Calculation and planning of a ramp, aircraft parking places, taxiways, and other airfield elements,
  • Placement calculation and diagrams for lighting, radio engineering, navigation, and meteorological equipment and air traffic control objects,
  • Placement of pipelines, networks, and communications.
  • Design of heliports and helipads:
  • Research of technical feasibility of helipad placement,
  • Feasibility study of helipad placement,
  • Fulfillment of general designer functions.

Helipads reference list

When designing, current standard requirements of the Russian Federation, standards and recommendations of ICAO are considered.